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What performance of my phone? The question always comes before we buy phones. We focus on its performance (CPU/RAM), the smartphone’s processor is clocked higher or has more cores. That performance can be given a numerical rating, with each number relative to other scores. For android phones, the benchmark score can be used to compare the overall performance of the phones to another android phone.

What is the Benchmark Score in Smartphones?

Benchmark score is using for what Score of Mobile Phones? Score based on Performance of Hardware and software tests graphics speed. For example, if you plan on installing a new high-end video game on your computer, you might run a benchmark to see if your hardware is capable of running the game. 

Benchmark Score

The benchmark score is just useful for comparing different devices. For example, if your device’s score is 21000, a device with a score of 42000 is about twice as fast than one. It doesn’t guarantee the best performance. As we increasingly depend on smartphones and tablets for some of our everyday computing needs, paying more attention to their performance makes sense. Until recently, choosing a smartphone was mainly a matter of aesthetic taste and mobile OS preference. Today, however, most of the devices available prioritize their display and use similar slate or candy-bar designs. As a result, performance has become a much more prominent differentiator.

But we could not proclaim that the phone is faster or slower than another, after running a single test (benchmarks) that stresses a particular component. Because in android, even with the best and the most powerful processors on board, they are laggy at times. So we can’t say which phones have better performance based on the Benchmark. 

AnTuTu App

AnTuTu is a Benchmark app for android users,  It gives your device an overall numerical score as well as assigns an overall score for each test it performs. they’re just useful for comparing different devices and how fast your smartphone as compare to others.

Benchmark Score

Antutu will comprehensively Test:

UX (User experience) – Multi-task and Runtime

CPU – Central Processing Unit

RAM – Random Access Memory

GPU – Graphics Processing Unit

Input/Output (IO)

Performance Ranking :

  1. OnePlus 7 Pro                 371610
  2. Mi 9                                369572
  1. Mi BlackShark 2              366874
  2. Redmi K20 Pro                365410
  3. Samsung Galaxy S10       328846

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