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1. TikTok App will be banned in the U.S. unless deals with Microsoft

Last Month, Tiktok app has been fired by the Indian Government. The government announced, “It would block 59 Chinese Apps”. 

Tiktok had been ruling in the Play store for 4 years with around 610 million downloads. The people of India were got popularity by Tiktok app. But due to something finding by nation securities, it got kicked, or rather most of the nations.

However, Users of India now moved to Mitron short video App, it isn’t an Indian but not Chinese too.

Tiktok might be banned in the U.S. if the country won’t deal with ByteDance to brought it by September 15. If it will be done, Tik tok have to transfer the private data to American Service and deleted from the main servers of Byte Dance.

The discussions between Microsoft and ByteDance are still in the preliminary stages, and we’ll hopefully know more information about the possible deal soon.

2. Narendra Modi had an account on “Weibo” Chinese App

Tiktok App Techolic_16

Moreover, After Kicked TikTok app, the Indian government blocked Chinese app; Weibo, Baidu etc. Both apps are popular in their category. You will be surprised to know, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi was also an active user of Weibo microblogging App since 2015 with 100+ of posts, 2 lakh followers.

Although, After been a part of the Weibo app, his account on the social media portal was promoted by the PMO India handle on Twitter and the PM India website.

After being banned, several Chinese users of Weibo post comments angrily. “India today claimed to ban 59 Chinese apps… too much, and Prime Minister Modi is also using Weibo” said one of the Weibo user. The App is similar to Twitter so-called “Twitter of China”.

3. You’ll know Forwarded messages: Whatsapp

Fake information is spreading like the wind in Whatsapp which affects other social media accounts like Twitter.

Due to that, Whatsapp introduced features to overcome spread fake information by feature so-called “double arrow label”. By having two arrows, people will know that the received message has been forwarded multiple times.

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